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Timeless Art

"I am still learning"


Black and White Star in Circle


Lorna Beecroft

I love the act of creating, whether it is through fabrics, fibre, paint, pencils, wood. There are no limits to what art is, where you get your inspiration from and where that inspiration takes you. What a wonderful life!

Well, hasn't the past year and more been a real kick in the pants. Since our first glimpse at how serious this pandemic was going to get and that it was in our country, I have not been able to pick up a pencil or a brush. During this time I have been sewing masks like there was no tomorrow, doing my small part to make pretty and functional masks as my way to help make this more tolerable and as safe as I could for all of us. Thankfully, we seem to be moving past the worst of what this will be and I am ready once again to spend time in my studio. I wish you all the best! New pieces will begin to show up here as I come out of this artistic hiatus. 


2208 Gomerich Road


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