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“With her much loved view of pastures, lake and mountains outside the studio window, inspiration is always just on the other side of the glass.”

Lorna Beecroft lives with her husband, horses, and cats on a small hobby farm near the Pacific Ocean. Living in a rural area, she is surrounded by an endless parade of animals, everything from the resident ravens and bald eagles to raccoons, rabbits, and the diminutive black-tailed island deer. It is a love of both wild and domestic animals that fuels much of her choice of subjects and her art.


Lorna Beecroft

I love the act of creating, whether it is through fabrics, fibre, paint, pencils, wood. There are no limits to what art is, where you get your inspiration from and where that inspiration takes you. What a wonderful life!


My journey into painting and drawing began in 2015, when I finally had time to immerse myself in these art forms. I have followed my own educational path, gaining experience by attending workshops with world-class artists and through self-directed courses. This combined with hours and hours of practice has taken me to where I am today, with so much more to try out and perfect. My favorite mediums are acrylics, oils, graphite, charcoal, conte, pencil crayons and pastels. Each one has such unique properties and produces wonderfully different outcomes.


I have been an animal-lover for as long as I can remember, finding great joy in the company of all animals. So naturally, my favorite subjects are the animals I have spent so many hours with, in particular horses, cats and dogs. For me, the joy of creating is watching the subject(s) slowly appear out of the canvas or paper as if they have a will and life of their own. I believe the eyes are the mirror into their souls and I am only satisfied when the viewer is able to dive into the piece and connect with the true spirit of each animal.

Awarded "Honourable Mention" in the 2022 Summer 555 for "Alone She Ponders", "Special Merit" in the annual 2022 Light Space Time All Women's" show for "Beautiful Bella", chosen out of 1147 submissions from 30 different countries and "Special Recognition" for "Nap Time". I am an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, being awarded that status by a jury of my peers. My art has been juried into shows with CFA as well as other shows in other galleries.

Pieces are all for sale unless they are marked otherwise. To purchase or for more information please send an email to All credit cards, Etransfers and PayPal are accepted through the website once shipping costs are confirmed.


2208 Gomerich Road


Drawings and paintings are for sale unless marked otherwise.

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